DeviantArt Original Character Contest - Radical Racer!

Got around to finishing my Radical Racer submission for dA's OC contest. Kind of waited til the last minute but I think it came out alright. I derived a lot of the vehicle design from the old Rebound RC car of the 90's, and some of the design from my other OC Tink (see my ongoing comic Treasure Hunter Hopp). I also love monster trucks, big chunky racing kart type vehicles, and explosions, so you'll see those elements in the drawings too. Check it out!

Chillhop Music Art Contest ~

I love all things chill, hop, and chillhop. When I saw this instagram post by the guys that host the live youtube videos with the little raccoon girl, I had to check it out. (Check out those sweet prizes)

Listened to their radio uploads on Youtube while I drew this tonight. I like the way it came out~

Commission - "Gaming Raptor" banner + icon

Commission icon and banner I did for a friend's youtube/twitch/newgrounds profiles. Check it outttt:

ACNH: Audie Pinup ~

Another animal crossing pinup, this time of Audie. Took some time trying to actually understand how back/shoulder muscles are supposed to look... it's difficult, holy sHiT. Anyways, Audie's cute. Here's a drawing of her on the beach.

ACNH: Whitney Pinup ~

Whitney! She's the last one I said I'd draw up... but maybe sometime in the future I'll do a few more of other villagers.

NSFW version hidden below ~

ACNH: Label Pinup ~

Got Label's pinup all finished. This one took awhile... Did you realize that Label's the only one in AC that wear's pants? Huh.

NSFW version hidden below ~

Animal Crossing: Metal Gear Solid - Completed!

Finished up the ACxMGS crossover this afternoon. They're so cute! I had so much fun making these. Listed out which characters are associated with which character. Hope you like!

animal crossing

animal crossing

animal crossing

animal crossing

animal crossing

animal crossing

Solid Snake : Snake the rabbit
Liquid Snake : O'Hare the rabbit
Otacon : Derwin the duck
Mei Ling : Fauna the deer
Naomi Hunter : Kitty the cat
Nastasha Romanenko : Queenie the ostrich
Colonel Campbell : Buzz the eagle
Meryl Silverburgh : Isabelle ~
Revolver Ocelot : Gaston the rabbit
Greyfox : Genji the rabbit
Vulcan Raven : Louis the gorilla
Sniper Wolf : Freya the wolf
Psycho Mantis : Lucky the dog

Another AC Art Project - Preview!

Working on something neeeeeat...

I loooove the original Metal Gear Solid, and I loooove Animal Crossing. I thought a mash-up would be fun! (I mean come on, there's a rabbit villager named Snake who almost looks like Solid Snake!) Here's a really early, early sketch preview of some of them lined up.