Inktober 2020 - Day 8 - Teeth

This prompt was hard to implement into the story, so I just shoehorned a scene in there of Max absolutely DECKING a sea wisp. Ouch.

Inktober 2020 - Day 7 - Fancy

Gettin' fancy now. Lot of action and stabbin' goin' on! Probably my favorite page so far. I think I really nailed that sweet ninja move.

Inktober 2020 - Day 6 - Rodent

 Day 6 here. I'm making the pages and panel layouts much more dynamic now. Taking a bit longer to finish each one! (takes between 1 hr 30 min to near 2 hrs to do one page~)

Inktober 2020 - Day 4 - Radio

Page 4 completed. That sea wisp was definitely sketch. That talk of underwater treasure may be too good to be true...

Inktober 2020 - Day 2 - Wisp

Day 2 of inktober. Prompt was "wisp", so I worked it into the continuation of my comic story. Things are going to get whacky.

Inktober 2020 - Day 1 - Fish

Getting in on that sweet, sweet, stress that is Inktober! Decided I wanted to try something different and more challenging this year and shoot for a WHOLE COMIC BOOK WHOOOOOOA! I've heard of other artists doing something like this for the prompts, where the idea is you simply create a cohesive comic with each page utilizing the word in some way.

So what I've started to do is go with a (whacky) story about a girl who's sister gets kidnapped by evil sea wisps, and it's up to her and a handful of zany characters she meets along the way to help rescue her sister. I literally came up with it on the fly, randomly. The best way to come up with something. Here's a sped up video of me working on the first page!

Combobomb's BAL Sketchbook Video

Here's the video accompanying the previous post about my completed sketchbook for the Brooklyn Art Library~

Combobomb's Sketchbook Project 2020 - Completed!

Finally completed my sketchbook for the Brooklyn Art Library's Sketchbook Project #16! I've been working on this book on and off for about a year now. Had no idea what to fill it with, so it became mostly a little dumping ground for random doodles and tiny comics. Inside you'll find silly mini comics, various meaningless characters/cameos, and a lot of Hopp (of course).

This was a really fun thing to put some time into, and the physical book will live on forever archived in their library (which is kind of existential when you think about it). I almost didn't want to return it, as it would've been a cool item to shelve and look at every so often, but I took all the scans I could, photos, and captured a short video I'll post above this if you want to check it out.

If I ever decide to do another one of these, I think I'll dedicate the entire thing to a full comic of some sorts. That would be awesome.