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Untitled Game Jam #20, pt.1

Doin' up another game jam. Kind of fell off the BAL 28-day challenge (the prompts starting getting too ambiguous and I decided to give up), so now I'm going to fill the time with a 9-day jam!

Our idea so far is a simplistic survival/wave-based mech shooter... IN VR! You'll get to move around a changing city arena, fight off waves of different spawning enemies, and evolve your mech's weapons everytime you hit a score milestone! I feel that the core gameplay will be similar to the alien VR shooter we made last year, but that was made in a weekend. This time we get a full week and 2 weekends to concept, develop, and polish a way better game.

Here are some concepts so far.

Brooklyn Art Library 28 Day Challenge, Day 4

Day 4! "Your favorite song/music"

I don't really have any favorite songs. I mostly listen to different genres and just enjoy whatever music ends up playing. Right now that's lo-fi. So what I chose to do instead was draw one of those cool little "study/chill" drawings you see a lot on youtube playlists.

Featured song:

Brooklyn Art Library 28 Day Challenge, Day 1

Getting a little burned out on 3D stuff for now. Decided to doodle a little so I hit up this challenge from the Brooklyn Art Library's Sketchbook project (which I am also participating in).

More Colt M1911, pt.2

Beauty shots~ Getting good renders in ZBrush is so complicated and unintuitive. I spent an hour trying to figure out why my matcap wasn't receiving any lighting. Only after a bunch of searching did I realize the subtools have to be using a basic material, not matcap. This thing is also 30 million~ points, so it was taking ~20-30 seconds to render each view. This is why I just prefer Marmoset. Maybe substance painter is better? I need to find out.

More Colt M1911

The final sculpt is done. Here's a rough render in zbrush:

colt pistol sculpt zbrush combobomb

My next steps are to get this thing baked down to a low poly model, then load it up in Substance Painter and start doing some texture work. I'm excited because this will be my first experience with Painter. What could go wrong??!

Colt M1911 Sculpt

Another sculpt work-in-progress. Portfolio work, yay!

I also settled on a site for storing a bunch of it: https://ralfcorella.wixsite.com/portfolio

Squarespace didn't work out because it was too expensive and had too little customization.

Head Practice

Getting some practice in with head sculpting/painting in Zbrush. Did some different facial expressions too.

This was a completely random head I sketched/polypainted without reference. I need to do another one with real world reference and see how they compare.

Some stuff I've been working on~

Trying to work on my 3D portfolio. Been needing to get back in modeling... I'm super rusty!

This is for a shooter type game I'm working on where you play as a duck marine with a gun. Modeled them all in Zbrush. Not too sure how I feel about the polypaint job atm, but I'll be adding some cool metal scratches and stuff in Photoshop after I derez and unwrap.

Did some cover art for the jam game we did a couple months ago. Came out pretty sweet :O

INFECTOID Gameplay - Metroidvania Jam 2019

We made a game for Metroidvania Jam 2019!
Play it in your browser: https://combobomb.itch.io/infectoid

Or watch the full playthrough here:

Hopp's 31 Days of Inktober Adventures!

I've been up and down this past month with consistently getting my Inktober drawings finished on time, but for the first time I can say I finally managed to complete the full challenge.

I've attempted Inktober 3 years in a row now, starting in 2016 (and with Hopp-themed drawings coincidentally), and was never able to get through that mid-month hump where many artists end up throwing in the towel.

I didn't stick with any specific "daily" or "weekly" postings this year due to procrastination, distractions, and other projects going on, so a lot of the drawings were done clumped together during days at a time.

Anyways, without further ado - I hope you enjoy my 31 Hopp-themed Inktober doodles!