About Me and a Project

A little about me - I've been making different kinds of art for most of my life, but only really started to take full interest in it up until around 7 or so years ago when I started college. I put a lot of my most interesting work on my deviantArt page for those reading this who want to take a look. While my background is primarily in hobbyist art, my career background is in quality assurance for computer applications.

I'm currently working as a contract software tester for a government funded company, testing a sports application used mostly to help football and soccer coaches train their athletes. My last job was at Epic Games - the company behind Gears of War - also working as a tester. I spent the majority of the three years I was there helping shape their newest title Fortnite into a solid, bug-free game. It was my first entry into the game design industry, and it was definitely an enlightening experience. You can view my LinkedIn profile here.

As of the last year or so, I've been sketching and concepting ideas/characters/settings for a comic book series that I eventually want to turn into an actual game. It's a slow process but I am confident I can get it off the ground within the next year or two. Here are some doodles I've done recently of various characters:

I have a website dedicated to the project that's currently awaiting content (mostly being used as a parking spot): www.treasurehunterhopp.com

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