Hopp Animations pt.4-1 and Comic Startup

No recent updates for a bit now... trying to get myself squared away for starting up a comic book I've had under development for years. Meanwhile, made a stationary jump animation for Hopp. Check it out:

I might do one more small animation for her this weekend, but otherwise I will probably be scarce on future blog posts for a short time while moving forward. Trying my best to get the comic idea off the ground, so it's acting as a big priority right now. When the first page is near completion, I will start dedicating www.TreasureHunterHopp.com towards progress and updates. ☺️

Hopp 3D Print pt.2

Received the 3D print of Hopp in the mail today and managed to complete the painting process over the weekend. Here are some progress shots as well as the finished product:

Hopp Animations pt.3

A couple more animations to add to the list. We now have a crouch and a knockback cycle.

Hopp 3D Print pt.1

Managed to get a test print for Hopp going. Girlfriend's dad has a printer and was nice enough to set it up for me!

When they get a chance to ship it off to me, I plan on sanding down the more jagged bits then starting the painting process.

Hopp Animations pt.2

A couple more basic animations completed. I plan on eventually animating her face and eyes, since that's a totally separate rig to set up (one that I don't have much experience with). But for now, she will have to maintain a static expression 😐

Hopp Animations pt.1

Tweaked the skeleton some more and added a few animations. We now have an idle, a run, and a fun emote. Check them out here in gif form:


A few more I plan to add as I get time:

  • Walk
  • Crouch
  • Attack
  • Knockback
  • Jump (start)
  • Jump (idle)
  • Jump (land)

Hopp Rigging Process

Nearly completed with the Hopp rig in 3ds Max. Been working on it throughout the week, and got it fitting decently with the low-poly mesh. I had to do some serious trial and error with the vertex weighting for each of the bones, and a lot of it ended up being incredibly tedious (as most rigging goes). Here are some shots of the skeleton rig and a quick pose I propped her up in.

Still need to make a few very minor tweaks to the bone weighting in some areas, but other than that, she's good to go. I'll be able to start giving her some basic animations soon such as running, jumping, or attacking. I'm also now currently looking into getting a 3D print of her done (in the pose above)!

Final Hopp Bake and Turntable

Redid the UV layout with a bit more organization and made minor tweaks to the texture work. Here's the completed low-res texture bake for Hopp and her accessories:

Rendered in Marmoset, which is an amazing app for getting really nice beauty shots of your models and materials. Here's a side-by-side with the textures included:

All I want to do now is rig her up in Max!

Hopp Decimation Progress

Some previews of progress on finishing out the Hopp model:

Finished out a quick and rough retopology from the high-poly model using Topogun (program is a certified PITA but a lot quicker than manual retopo in Zbrush or Max).

Was also able to get a dirty unwrap going using Headus, mainly just to test out the color map baking in xNormal. The maps came out fairly decent, but I will need to make some tedious adjustments with both the cage and in Photoshop if I want it to look a bit more crisp.

I managed to get Hopp down to around 5k polygons (extremely low for a modern-day video-game character). I figured that if I ever get around to implementing her into an actual game, it will have an old-school style theme with much of it looking like something from the N64.

Only a little more to go before she's completed.

Wrench Zbrush Sculpt Completed

Finished out the additional details and added mucho polypaint to this hefty wrench model. Check it out.

Good for tightening bolts and loosening jaws 😉

Here's a comparison with the same wrench concept I did back in 2015:

I actually still like this one, even if it is a little less detailed than the newer model. I lost the Zbrush project file a long time ago though, so no chance of reusing it for anything.

Cartoon Wrench Zbrush Sculpt

Started up on a new sculpt in Zbrush, this time a hard-surface model. It's a wrench that will act as Hopp's primary weapon and tool. She can hang it from her backpack for quick access and whack enemies with it.

Going to add a few more details here and there such as knicks and surface imperfections, then after will start adding some polypaint. Going for a similar look to the model from the previous post, so it's gonna look pretty cartoony.

Hopp Sculpt Comparison 2015 vs 2018

C-C-C O M B O   P O S T

Here's a comparison of the 2018 Hopp model to one I made back in 2015. Massive difference!

More to come.

Hopp Zbrush Sculpt Completed

Final Hopp sculpt completed and painted in Zbrush.

Next steps are to combine all of the individual subtools, decimate the mesh, export it as an OBJ file, then retopologize it down to a lower resolution in Topogun. After that, unwrapping the low res model in Headus, then using that unwrap to have the Zbrush paint-job baked onto it to be then later processed in Photoshop. Easy steps, right?