Hopp Decimation Progress

Some previews of progress on finishing out the Hopp model:

Finished out a quick and rough retopology from the high-poly model using Topogun (program is a certified PITA but a lot quicker than manual retopo in Zbrush or Max).

Was also able to get a dirty unwrap going using Headus, mainly just to test out the color map baking in xNormal. The maps came out fairly decent, but I will need to make some tedious adjustments with both the cage and in Photoshop if I want it to look a bit more crisp.

I managed to get Hopp down to around 5k polygons (extremely low for a modern-day video-game character). I figured that if I ever get around to implementing her into an actual game, it will have an old-school style theme with much of it looking like something from the N64.

Only a little more to go before she's completed.

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