What I've been up to

I've been away from posting for awhile, so I'm going to try harder to do more regular updates of art and other things (despite the fact that I had something like a 6-month hiatus sometime last year).

Some things I've been doing these past couple months:

  • Rented and moved into a house! It took awhile getting the logistics and packing/unpacking taken care of, but it was all worth the effort. We have a lot more space and privacy than I've ever had living in an apartment. Expect pictures soon.
  • Got a lot more responsibility at work. I've been put on a few extra projects at my office job and it's had me running around a lot and coming home feeling exhausted. Things are getting more organized now and tapering off, so I'm getting a little more freed up (to not feel so crappy coming home to do more art!)
  • Other than spending a lot of time trying to get a handful of things taken care of with the house, like minor plumbing problems, painting a few rooms, and buying/selling new furniture, that's pretty much it!
Poor Hopp's comic has also taken a seat on the back-burner for the last few however long amounts of time 😞 - but she will be filling the pages soon guaranteed!

Happy April Easter from Hopp & Widget

Hooray for 2-month blog posting hiatus! Meant to post this on Easter but have had a ton going on. Hope you had a great holiday finding eggs and eating chocolate! 👯