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Decided to make a little thumbnail for dA or wherever else.

Treasure Hunter Hopp, pages 1-5

First five pages of the adventure. I originally hosted these on www.treasurehunterhopp.com, but I felt silly paying for that site in addition to this one, so I nixed it and just combined them.


More on the way!

Treasure Hunter Hopp, Details So Far

My current process for making pages:
  • Digital creation of each page in Photoshop CC
    • Panel layout pulled from storyboard
    • Rough blue outline pass of art
    • Cleaning up with black/white sketch
    • Further clean-up and refining
What's finished:

  • Comic cover is completely finished and looks great (finished back in 2016)
  • Rough thumbnails/storyboarding in sketchbook (full 150+ manga-sized pages)
  • Rough dialogue/script outline
What's in progress:
  • Pages 1-18 fully sketched and fleshed out
    • Need continued refinement (will worry about this much later)
  • Pages 19-27 blue outlined
    • Need black/white sketch clean-up
  • Pages 28-150 (estimated)
    • (This will take awhile)
Check out next post for currently viewable pages!

Not Dead, Just Busy™

Comic work!

Page 19-27 are blue-lined and have dialogue now. It's a slog but I'm trying my best to stay focused! 😉

Widget also says hello and to always wear your favorite over-sized sweater with your A/C turned up for maximum comfort.

Hopp - PC Problems

Yeah I'm currently having PC problems (nothing carrot-related). I haven't done a fresh reinstall of my OS in a long, long time and I think it's starting to show. A lot of my apps have been running a lot slower, my machine gets a bluescreen message on restart every so often, and the whole thing just chugs at simple tasking despite my decent specs.

I ordered a GTX 2060 to replace my 970 from 2014, and some liquid cooled fans. I'm going to do some super spring cleaning once the parts arrive, then do a reinstall of Windows 7 (I'll hold onto that OS until they pry it from my cold dead hands).

Meanwhile, enjoy a little Hopp mini-comic I made. It was kind of fun so I might make another one, not sure ☺️