Treasure Hunter Hopp, Details So Far

My current process for making pages:
  • Digital creation of each page in Photoshop CC
    • Panel layout pulled from storyboard
    • Rough blue outline pass of art
    • Cleaning up with black/white sketch
    • Further clean-up and refining
What's finished:

  • Comic cover is completely finished and looks great (finished back in 2016)
  • Rough thumbnails/storyboarding in sketchbook (full 150+ manga-sized pages)
  • Rough dialogue/script outline
What's in progress:
  • Pages 1-18 fully sketched and fleshed out
    • Need continued refinement (will worry about this much later)
  • Pages 19-27 blue outlined
    • Need black/white sketch clean-up
  • Pages 28-150 (estimated)
    • (This will take awhile)
Check out next post for currently viewable pages!

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