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Apparently there's this new trend/meme going around where artists are creating their own OCs set in the Aggretsuko universe. Thought it'd be fun to do one myself so here's my attempt:

The Sanrio style is pretty hard to nail down... I used Haida as reference but it still feels off. Anways, guess you could say this guy is kind of a loner and never leaves his phone alone (or clears his unread texts).

Super Mario Maker Vinny

Did some art for Vinny of Vinesauce during a livestream he did of Super Mario Maker 2!

Was a fun piece to work on during the stream ~ 😃

Some Hopp Doodles, pt 2

More random Hopp doodles!

I'm really excited for season 2 of Bee and Puppycat. It's been in production for awhile now apparently... so I'm hoping it'll be even better than season 1. Hopp gets to meet Bee in this drawing I did. The two share a similar taste in choice of clothing color 😜

Hopp enjoying the summer weather with some volleyball. ☀

Some Hopp Doodles, pt 1

Just Hopp! With the 4th of July weekend coming up I'm super excited to have a ton of time to catch up on drawing, so there will be a lot more where this came from!

Treasure Hunter Hopp Sketches

Treasure Hunter Hopp, page 1 (now with color!)

Check out page 1, redone with color! It took me quite a bit of time to try and nail down a good balance and range in order to best match the look of the cover page. Lots of filter tinkering and layer reorganization. I think if I plan to do color, it won't be until all the main pages are sketched out in black and white first. But, as a test I feel like this turned out pretty slick. ;)

Treasure Hunter Hopp, page 1 colored

More Toon June also coming up soon. I probably won't be able to finish the challenge this month, but at least I'll have gotten some good doodles out of it. 👍

Toon June #18, #19

In #18, Hopp meets her biggest role model!

In #19, the sisters find a potentially lucrative treasure spot ripe for digging. They might regret that...

Toon June 18Toon June 19

Toon June #16, #17

In #16, we have Lunk being the usual dummy. I really wouldn't complain if I was offered that sandwich though. 

In #17, Tink catches Hopp at the pool on her day off. Unfortunately for Tink...

Toon June 16Toon June 17

Toon June #14, #15

In #14, Widget gets too close to Hopp's prized Heptapetal flower... they're sensitive you know?

In #15, Hopp chases down her archenemy Tink as he throws Bomb-buds around.

Toon June 14Toon June 15

Toon June #12, #13

The following Toon Junes are going to be pretty sketchy...

In #12, Hopp proposes a fake truce to Tink, who falls for it and gets BUZZED.

In #13, Hopp learns she can't take her sister to the movies. Or generally out in public.

Toon June 12Toon June 13

Toon June?!

How have I never heard of Toon June?! Is this a recent thing to happen? Found out about it on dA and now I want it. Gives me a second chance at actually trying to finish (or half-finish) another challenge along with Inktober. I'm pretty late in the game now, but I found the list of prompts thanks to user Atrox-C (who's work is stunning).

Toon June 2019

Starting off on prompt #11: Widget thinks she can just break the laws of gravity in order to finish her chores? Hmm. Guess so.

Toon June 11