Celebrating the Moon Landing's 50th Anniversary

Buzz Aldrin might not have found any aliens during his first trip to the moon 50 years ago. But Hopp apparently did! They're harmless.

Hopp and Widget meeting a friendly alien on the moon

Hopp in Scott Pilgrim style

Have been wanting to experiment a bit with a couple different character styles recently. One comic series I really enjoy is Scott Pilgrim. The way the characters are drawn is so simplistic, yet everything fits together so well and just feels right, y'know? I was curious so I took a little bit of time to doodle Hopp in that style~

My original character Hopp drawn in the Scott Pilgrim art style!

Not sure if it fits her to be honest. It could be that over time I've just gotten used to drawing her the way I've naturally learned to well, draw her. It was interesting practice =)

Treasure Hunter Hopp Promo WIP, pt 3

First six panels for Hopp's comic promo done~ 

These take me a pretty long time to draw up in Photoshop, about the same amount of time it would take me to do a legit full art print for a comicon (between 3-4 hours). Hopefully when the final 12 are finished it will be a nice visual introduction to get people interested.

After this I hope to get back to the main comic full force~

Widget Silly Faces

Figured I'd also doodle some of Widget's expressions after doing Hopp's. She can come across as a little more reserved compared to her sister, but has a few more quirks~ 

From top to bottom, left to right: annoyed, exasperated, bitter, doubtful, anxious, horrified, amused, pleased/prideful, giddy, disappointed, weepy/crying, depressed

Hopp Platforming!

Hopp doing what she does best... jumpin' those old school platforms! ⇗ Little doodle I did tonight after feeling inspired while watching some videos of old N64 games.

Silly Hopp Faces

Getting some practice in with drawing a bunch of different facial expressions for Hopp. Can you guess them all? JK I'll just list them out. From top to bottom, left to right: happy/neutral, sad, surprised, disgusted, confused, excited, angry, enraged, afraid/spooked, drunk, bored, asleep~

Widget Doodles!

Giving Hopp's sister a little bit of attention with some quick doodlez. I need to do many, many more of these for all the other characters I have going on that I haven't done many drawings of (refer back to my post showing the comic lineup).

Treasure Hunter Hopp Promo WIP, pt 2

The next two panels for Hopp's promo backstory! 

Vinesauce Team Racing

Have really been into Vinny's Crash Team Racing livestreams and felt like contributing some fanart to the booru! Check out the art corner video here.

Treasure Hunter Hopp Promo WIP, pt 1

Currently working on some nice promo storyboard art for a Hopp backstory. Hopefully it helps get people oriented on her and Widget's upcoming adventure. I have 12 total panels planned, here are the first two. Keeping it relatively simple for now!

Happy 4th of July from Vinesauce

Did some art for Vinny and his 4th of July livestream last night!

Happy 4th of July from Hopp and Widget!

The two hope you had a fun and safe 4th of July! Reminder to always handle fireworks safely 😉

Treehouse Doodle

A doodle of Hopp and Widget's treehouse home I did last week. I know they're rabbits and rabbits usually live underground, but how else would I be able to show off how cool their place looks? Besides, who doesn't want to live in a cozy treehouse? Trust me, it's a lot bigger on the inside.