Some Game Jam Stuff

Got back to posting this a week late! Here's all the art stuff I did for our game jam last weekend. We chose to go with an Area 51 theme (yeah, memes, haha), so I tried creating kind of a retro, psx-era style with the graphics. 

We ended up calling it "Artifact 51" and turned it into a badass VR shoot-em-up! Our two programmers killed it with the gameplay scripting. The whole idea is pretty straightforward, but actually playing it on the Oculus Quest is a lot of oldschool, arcade style fun.
  • Start the waves by grabbing the gun floating on the obelisk
  • Create a bulletproof shield with your left hand by activating the left trigger
  • Take out the spawning UFOs and alien bad guys by shooting with the right trigger
  • Once your gun is out of ammo, throw it at the enemy for an explosive reaction, then grab another one off the obelisk
  • Dodge, dip, duck, dive, and dodge enemy fire for as long as you can
Game Title/Logo
Example Level/Theme
Alien Enemy Concept
Alien Enemy Zbrush Sculpt
Alien Enemy Model

Pistol Concept
Pistol Model
Shotgun Model
Shield Artifact Model
Weapon Spawn Obelisk
We are still working on getting a gameplay video finished, and will publish the game on our page sometime this weekend for all to play in VR!

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