Hopp Budsies Plush Incoming!

Super excited to announce that I've won a raffle for the opportunity to submit for a custom ordered Budsies plush! If you don't know what Budsies is, check them out here. I put in for a ticket months ago and finally got an email back saying I could send them a drawing of my own handmade plush character, and of course I went with Hopp! For their designers, I drew up the simplest and easiest to understand turn-around sheet I could with a more simplified style for Hopp in mind. I was only allow to choose 8 total colors for the fabric they'll be using, so I also had to cut short a lot in that regard. You can see my turn-around for Hopp here:

Hopp's Turn-around Character Sheet

I couldn't be more excited for them to get back with me once they start up on the first pass. It's estimated to take anywhere from 6-8 weeks, but that's probably only if everything goes perfectly. I'll be posting updates for her here as I get them!