Hopp's 31 Days of Inktober Adventures!

I've been up and down this past month with consistently getting my Inktober drawings finished on time, but for the first time I can say I finally managed to complete the full challenge.

I've attempted Inktober 3 years in a row now, starting in 2016 (and with Hopp-themed drawings coincidentally), and was never able to get through that mid-month hump where many artists end up throwing in the towel.

I didn't stick with any specific "daily" or "weekly" postings this year due to procrastination, distractions, and other projects going on, so a lot of the drawings were done clumped together during days at a time.

Anyways, without further ado - I hope you enjoy my 31 Hopp-themed Inktober doodles!

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