Animal Crossing: Metal Gear Solid - Completed!

Finished up the ACxMGS crossover this afternoon. They're so cute! I had so much fun making these. Listed out which characters are associated with which character. Hope you like!

animal crossing

animal crossing

animal crossing

animal crossing

animal crossing

animal crossing

Solid Snake : Snake the rabbit
Liquid Snake : O'Hare the rabbit
Otacon : Derwin the duck
Mei Ling : Fauna the deer
Naomi Hunter : Kitty the cat
Nastasha Romanenko : Queenie the ostrich
Colonel Campbell : Buzz the eagle
Meryl Silverburgh : Isabelle ~
Revolver Ocelot : Gaston the rabbit
Greyfox : Genji the rabbit
Vulcan Raven : Louis the gorilla
Sniper Wolf : Freya the wolf
Psycho Mantis : Lucky the dog

Another AC Art Project - Preview!

Working on something neeeeeat...

I loooove the original Metal Gear Solid, and I loooove Animal Crossing. I thought a mash-up would be fun! (I mean come on, there's a rabbit villager named Snake who almost looks like Solid Snake!) Here's a really early, early sketch preview of some of them lined up.

Hopp Sailormoon Redraw!

This has been a meme for awhile now. I figured I'd give it a try! Decided to give Hopp the sailormoon makeover~

More Bunnie ~

I love Bunnie! She's adorable.

ACNH: Bunnie Pinup ~

 Here's Bunnie :O 
Blaire is up next!


ACNH: Bonbon Pinup ~

 Got Bonbon up. 
Bunnie is up next!


ACNH: Nibbles Pinup ~

 Felt like doing some pin-up style fanart of my favorite Animal Crossing girls ;) Currently working on ones starring Bonbon, Bunni, Blaire, Whitney, and Label.

Nibbles is first up!


It's Hopp!

A reference drawing I did of Hopp for a game I'm putting her in! Yes she's still alive and doing well.

I recently finished a game design course on Udemy for how to make a 3D platformer in Unity. It's a foundation I hope to use for the base of Hopp's platformer! It's a fairly basic project with straightforward platforming gameplay, but it'll be a game I'll have made all on my own~


Hopp is © Combobomb 2020

Some Concepts

Some concepts I've been doodling for a project: